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大倉 忠義
Hey, um...there's an event coming up. Text me asap! ,
大倉 忠義
25 February 2008 @ 06:51 pm
Todays a special day na!
The drama with the two brothers are out! Please hold on to your seats! Support with all your might ♥ 

Come to mention, ENDLESS SHOCK is over now. A long time ago actually 0__0
I didn't realize it till yesterday in the cold. 

Why was I in the cold?

The weather was so nice outside! Cold air is good for a person every now and then. It could cleanse someones soul completely and make them feel better. Well, kind of.

Yesterday was rehearsal. A day that could smack someones face into reality that without having something to do, a person could go insane! It's like eggs waiting to be fried and they're sitting on the kitchen counter. They sit there emotionlessly, knowing that if they were born a second earlier, the farmer wouldn't take them out to sell them into the supermarket.

Of course they couldn't though...they just can't.

Once, I read a story about a couple.
They were born into different households; yet they were always together.

Then one day, they realized their feelings for each other and fell in love. They had days of happiness together....Until a misunderstanding came around.
With the misunderstanding, one started to avoid the other. In return, the ignored one started to get worried.

The ignored one finally found out the truth. On that day, he did something wrong. Something very wrong without knowing. Trying to make the other one understand, the person finds himself getting hurt more and more.

The results for this story? .....the author never finished it. There was not enough support of the fans. The manga was really good though! Its near hardbreaking. I can relate to those two people. 

Even so, I have no right to say so.

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大倉 忠義
20 February 2008 @ 05:24 pm
It's February!

Um, It's the middle of February!

....no that's not it.

It's almost March!

The food's selection is ever changing. 
Now, Sakura are going to fall on my picnic outside. It flutters in my obento. 

It wants to steal it away from me! No! I won't let you!
Ah! The televeision program is starting!

Never get stuck in a elevator~ That's why stairs are the super duper best choice to go on excercising~
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大倉 忠義
21 January 2008 @ 04:43 pm
When someones in pain, you'll come to their aid.

When someones in trouble, you'll come to their aid.

But what if someone's in a situation where coming in aid is forbidden?

Resulting into something more? Something that society doesn't allow it?

Maa, those questions are really really hard to answer na? 

Sometimes, its better not to ask questions because it will only hurt you more.

Watching movies are educational! Whoever denies that, must have a better to teach then!

Musicals are fun!

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大倉 忠義
19 January 2008 @ 03:53 pm
I had the most excited night ever

Well, four days ago to be exact.

See, I had someone over to my apartment

We had loads of fun. Major.

Please come by sometime again

I've been think about the weather a lot lately. How it can become cold in one minute, then hot the next.

It's evil

Surviving the seasons without a cold...whoever can do that is awesome!

Maa, band practice is coming up. I have to go  

My nap was wonderful

You got to love lack of common sensei

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大倉 忠義

Since you live closest to me, 

do you have a extra toothbrush?

Maru lives too far away.
大倉 忠義
15 January 2008 @ 07:11 pm

I don't feel complete not writing in JWEB's.

...I wonder why.

Lately, I think I've gained weight again.

I should excercise.

Want to join me? 

I want accompany.

It's already in the month of January. Half month

And it's probably time to buy another toothbrush.

I miss my toothrbush...


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大倉 忠義

Did anyone see my toothbrush? I couldn't find it.

.....            ....

Now I can't eat.


Help please?
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26 December 2007 @ 12:54 pm

It  seems....I lost track of time and date. ...

Merry Christmas (?)! 

I feel guilty now

I'm so sorry


I hope everyone got to spend the special night with their special someone


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